Jobe DISTORTION wake skate

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  • Jobe DISTORTION wake skate
    Jobe DISTORTION wake skate

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    Jobe DISTORTION wake skate

    • Big-Spin or kickflip, with a high concave EVA deck and 14-layer maple plywood
    • The Distortion wakeskates have high concave EVA top decks as an extra feature
    • The concave deck gives you more control and a stable feeling during your skate session
    • Subtle ribbed EVA top layer
    • Continuous rocker
    • PU-coated gloss finished base graphic
    • Two 0.9” fins

    Technical Specifications:
    • Weight 41 Inch: 4.4kg / 9.6lbs
    • Weight 43 Inch: 5.6kg / 12.3lbs

    14 layer maple plywood high concave EVA top decks as an extra feature. Subtle ribbed EVA top layer. Continuous rocker. PU-coated gloss finish ed base graphic. 2 x 0.9" fins.