BUNGEE Tube Rope

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  • BUNGEE Tube Rope
    BUNGEE Tube Rope


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    BUNGEE Tube Rope
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    BUNGEE Tube Rope

    If you are towing inflatables this is definitely the BEST way to go!

    The bungee is different from other tube ropes as it contains a bungee section.

    The Bungee tube rope serves 2 purposes:

    - Helps protect your inflatable against wear and tear by reducing the effects of sudden jerks.

    - Adds a little extra excitement as it expands and contracts to send you quickly across the water in short bursts of speed!

    Featuring a 5' bungee section.

    Load rating: 3360lbs / 1524kg

    Key Features:

    - 50ft length

    - poly E rope w/ 5ft bungee section

    - 3360lbs / 1524kg load rating